Founder Bio: Charles Michael Lassiter

Charles Michael Lassiter, is the author, designer and creator of this website,, and is the founder of the PreciseBible Forum. His accomplishments are listed as follows:

* He is a graduate of Butler High School in Huntsville, Alabama and was a member of the Freshman Honor Society.

* He attended the University of North Alabama, in Florence, Alabama and was a member of the Freshman Honor Society.

* He graduated from Auburn University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Design in 1980.

He is a 3 time cancer survivor including chemo, and is currently a health and fitness proficianado!

Auburn Website

* He is listed in the 1986 edition of Outstanding Young Men of America.

* He worked 12 years as a Manufacturing Engineer in several High Tech companies around Huntsville, Alabama.

* He owned his own apartment business for 15 years and was the President of the Chasewood Owners Association for 4 years.

* He attended The Doctrinal Studies Bible Church - School of Biblical Theology and graduated with a Non-Accedited Master's Degree in Theology. (Th.M.) in 1993, Including 3 years of formal study in Koine Greek and 1.5 years of formal study in Biblical Hebrew.

* He has been researching and studying scripture in reference to the original languages, teaching classes and filling in for numerous pastors since 1985. (30 years)

DSBC Website

* He is a passionate Amateur Archaeologist and has been on
3 trips to Israel, 2 of which were Archaeological digs with The Associates for Biblical Research; and 7 additional Archaeological digs in the USA.

ABR Website

* He is an accomplished musician on guitar and keyboard. He  has published 2 albums of his own and is working on 2 more.
His music can be found on another of his websites below:

* He currently drives a Big Rig for a large Transportation Company and has 21 years experience.
Letting the Bible interpret itself, accurately from the original languages.
Headquartered in Beautiful Grant, Alabama, USA !