Creation Debate:

There is a ton of evidence that the earth is only about 6000 years old. Now don't laugh. I too, was taught all the scientific claims that the earth is millions of years old, and I laughed as hard as anyone at the so-called "Creation Scientists." That is, until I examined the facts. When I came across a petrified 1853 hat on the web one day, my mouth dropped open. I decided to examine the facts a little closer. The more I have researched this, about 12 years now, the more I am convinced that the earth is young. I will eventually try to document all these reasons on this page. But, just to get you started in your search for the truth, here are a few petrified goodies that certainly did not take millions of years to produce:

1853 Petrified Hat
This is an amazing replica of the ark built in the Netherlands on a barge frame. It might just help you re-think the creation story. Just click on the photo to visit the site.
A Different 1853 Hat Petrified in Flowstone
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Photo (C)
Petrified Teddy Bear
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Photo (C)
Photo (C)
Believe it or not, this video, found on comes from a secular group called New Moment New Ideas Company. It is a TV commercial for the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, Ministry of Education and Science; a Social campaign (series of commercials) aimed at promoting education; yet it hits home very well the idea that "logically, God must exist." This is based on a story about Einstein as a boy, but I have no way to verify if the story is true; yet it is quite moving in its message.

Click the photo to the left to watch the video called "Does God Exist"
Click the photo to the left to watch the debate between Creationist
John Mackay and Atheist Evolutionist Richard Dawkins.

I met John on a dinosaur dig in Montana. I spent a whole week with him, digging up fossils. He is a wonderful guy and really knows his Geology. There are more parts to this debate on if you want to see them. Just use the search option at the site.
More young fossils:

These next pictures come to us from an archaeological buddy of mine in Colorado named Terry Beh. He writes:

Went to the Denver Gem & Mineral (and Fossil) Show over the weekend, where the theme was fossils, and took pictures of some fascinating displays that (unwittingly) support creationism. Strong evidence that fossilization does not require millions of years -- or even thousands of years to occur. See photos below. Blessings!


Gar Fish from the supposedly 48-million-year-old Eocene Green River Formation in Wyoming. These are original, unfossilized gar scales inside the fossil.

This wood is fossilized. As the label says, this "petrified board" from a mine in Colorado could not have been more than 150 years old.

As you know, snake skin is extremely delicate and decomposes rapidly. Yet, it was mineralized (fossilized), in this case by an iron mineral! Close-up of fossilized snake skin.

The fossilization of this Arizona bird's nest by calcite had to have occurred very rapidly -- notice the eggs!

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