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Letting the Bible interpret itself, accurately from the original languages.
Headquartered in Beautiful Grant, Alabama, USA !
Statement of Faith:

* This is a non-denominational ministry, dedicated to the correct interpretation & application of scripture. This site encourages us to let the Bible interpret itself using the original languages.

* The Word of God is complete, and inspired in the original languages of scripture. Dissension comes, not from error in the text, but from error in our understanding of the meaning of the text.

* Jesus is God, the Christ and Messiah, the only Savior of the world, resurrected in bodily form. There is no other way to heaven.

* God is one God, as He is defined in the Holy Bible and exhibits Himself in three distinct persons, being the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God is a God of love and justice and is fair in all his dealings with men.

* The Word of God is the final authority on all spiritual matters. Jesus is the head of all Christians and their assembly together. All spiritual authority is delegated unto men and leaders by Christ, through the Word of God, and by the gifting of the Holy Spirit, and is maintained only in so much as they follow what is written.

* Every man is under the curse of Adam's sin and in need of regeneration and reconciliation to God through Jesus.

* Salvation is an act of Grace through faith in Christ alone.

* Every believer receives the Holy Spirit at salvation, but must learn to walk and remain in the filling of that Spirit.

* Scripture calls all men to live holy lives spiritually separated from the world.

* All believers are commanded to live and declare the good news to all who will listen in a display of Christian love.

* Upon death, believers are ushered into the presence of the Lord and unbelievers are temporarily detained in torments to await judgement.

* Hell is a literal place of torment for those who have rejected Jesus as savior.

* The Church age is a unique mystery age that will soon be ended by the second coming of Christ and removal of believers..

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